THE INTEGRITY VOW - Engaging Your Authentic Self

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When our relationships with others suffer - whether it's from infidelity, addiction or some other form of pain - it's always a symptom of a deeper issue. That issue centers around our unawareness of knowing our deeper self.


Once we chip away the outer layers of "what is," we begin to understand what can be.


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Developed as an accompaniment to the book, "The Integrity Vow: Engaging Your Authentic Self," this standalone workbook takes readers through the main book's exercises in a chapter-by-chapter format.


The Workbook also includes plenty of space for free-journaling, capturing thoughts and recording moments in time.


Anyone who is on a journey of self discovery will benefit from the thoughtful and transparent road map Ryan Hodge has laid out.    

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Has it ever occurred to you that with the thousands and thousands of “self-help” books that probably crowd your bookshelves (I know they do mine), the focus always seems to be on helping us get further in life? More money, better relationships and improved health. Please don’t misunderstand me; these are all important and noteworthy focuses. However, in my own personal journey of struggle, these kinds of books failed to offer the support I needed.


You see, while health, wealth and professional success can be critical to our happiness, it is only through the discovery of the integral-self that one can reach the realms of true joy. It wasn’t until I tested (and failed) my own vow of integrity that I began to understand the truths that I know — from my own experience and that of thousands of people I’ve spoken to or worked with — that this is where the real work must start.


This book will allow you to discover much of your own personal integrity and guide you through a process of engaging your authentic self. From my perspective, and after many years of research, experience and a deep investigation of my own, I believe that integrity is an individual choice and discovery that is different for every single one of us.



Recent Reviews From Readers:

  • "Ryan really opens up your mind, heart, and soul with his exposed honesty. You are riding every emotional experience with him, hanging on your seat wondering where you are headed through these shared experiences and journey. You will watch his enlightenment open up before you as he exposes his souls rips and tears, both of you awakening together."
    Dr. Deborah Unipan
  • “This book completely shifted my perspective on integrity. It allowed me to self-discover and create an entirely new experience inside of my relationship. Better yet, I feel better about the relationship I have with myself.”.
  • “Ryan, thank you so much for your honest approach to writing. This book has completely changed my life!”
  • “I cannot believe how raw and real this book is. It will completely flip your world upside down.”
  • “Not only is it authentic but it covers topics no author is going at with this approach.”