One-On-One Coaching

The 90-Day Integrity Vow Process consists of a weekly, 30-Minute individual call.

*Each call will be 30 minutes in length

*Open dialogue via text and email with me during the initial 90-Day period.

*A dedication to specific cmmitments on each call.

 *Cost of Program is $6,000 Plus Tax with $1,000 being paid up front and $500 per week until the balance is fully paid.

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One-On-One Coaching


Since you are considering coaching, I imagine that you too desire growth and change and have been seeking more answers. The questions that I would once ask myself may be those that you are asking yourself right now. These questions are quite normal when you are outside of your integrity. You may also be experiencing lower energy which affects your vibration. I have too, which can lead to other undesirable experiences.


My hope is that the Integrity Vow Coaching process will support you in your own journey and perhaps move you away from some of the darker experiences we can often create. It has worked for many clients that hire me for coaching and of course, in my own experiences.


My dark places could consist of sex, drugs, alcohol, work addiction, projects, running away from home, or even food, and none of them were much different than the other. All of these experiences were surfacing and coming to fruition for a reason. Although I didn’t always realize it, I found that these experiences and feelings were not the cause of my misalignment with integrity but often more like symptoms. Often these symptoms can be referenced as spiritual fractures.


Where in your current experience may you be experiencing the darker aspects of yourself? Are you hiding them or suppressing them? In order to bring the light forward into our reality, we must also bring forth the darker parts of ourselves. Transparency and honesty with yourself is key.


My purpose is to move you towards your highest and integral-self with a proven process of commitment and accountability. We will consider your current experiences based on your initial coaching questionnaire and our first phone call. Each week you will declare your own personal commitments taking personal responsibility for that which you are creating. Over time you will then begin to manifest new and more desirable experiences. Often you may notice a dramatic difference very quickly into our time together.